10 Things I Learned From Joining the Workforce.

Everyone works, and part of working is not just the mandatory e-learning that comes with it, but also the practical tips and tricks that you are guaranteed to pick up along the way.

For me personally, due to life experiences, I already had a handle on some things, but having now spent over a year as a money-making, (and consequently spending) adult – I feel that it is high time to share with every one a list of the 10 main things that I learned in joining the workforce; in no particular order:

1. People appreciate it, and I mean really appreciate it and notice when you just sit down and do the work.
This may seem like it’s obvious, but I’m being serious. Especially when it’s not the most fun job, or it’s time-consuming, or just plain gross, people (particularly supervisors and managers, if they are good ones) notice.

2. The work isn’t going anywhere – so just get it done.
seriously, just get it done, do it right, and it’s no longer a problem, you can now go back to chatting with your work buddies.

3. Marijuana smells.
This is by far the stupidest thing on this list but it bears mention. I have helped more than a few people who were shall we say, really ‘happy’ but it wasn’t until I started working, that I actually found out what weed smells like – it is a pretty unique smell, but if asked the closest thing I would compare it to is the sweet scent of skunk.

4. Even if there seems like there’s nothing you can do – there’s always something you can do.
again, seems pretty straightforward – but scientists do say that the dirtiest part of your home is the toilet handle – it’s really the things that you don’t think about that get you in the end.

5. If you really, really think that there’s nothing that you can do – at least look like you’re doing something.
Everyone will be happier in the end, I promise.

6. Just because you try to be Miss Happy-All-The-Time/everybody’s BFF doesn’t mean that it’ll happen.
Some people (coworkers mostly) just aren’t going to want to give you an inch when it comes to anything. Just let sleeping dogs lie – and get over it, no one said that you have to be friends with everybody.

7. Sucking up to people and trying to cultivate good working relationships are two different things.
it can be hard to tell in the moment – but they are, just a word of caution.

8. Workplace gossip hurts more than just the victim – it hurts you too.
Being Switzerland 2.0 at work isn’t s hard as most would think – good working relationships, remember.

9. Time really is money.
Do the math – I get paid $.20 a minute, suddenly I feel a bit more motivated to clock in five minutes early, or to take that much of a shorter break.

10. I have the power to make someone’s day.
Something I try to make a point to do at least once in my shift if not at least once every 15-20 minutes is that if I like something, you can bet the farm I’ll probably compliment you on it. Guy, girl, child or otherwise – if I like your earrings/shoes/jacket/necklace/fandom t-shirt or makeup – I’ll comment. It’s always a great feeling to see people completely transform with a few kind words that they weren’t expecting and will probably remember for days (I still remember someone commenting on a jacket I wore 6 years ago – still own the jacket and it still makes me happy).

And that is it, 10 things I learned from joining the workforce. It’s not super comprehensive, but I’m sure that I’ve hit all of the big points. What things have you learned from joining the workforce? Comment below and let me know!


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