Perspective Matters

I love my Mom, I mean, how can I not? She’s beautiful, awesome, and of course; the reason I’m here at all.

Recently I have been going to Counseling, and a lot of introspection has occurred because of it.

My mom is probably the human being on this earth who knows me the best, and I love her very much.

But since she is my parent (even if it’s not quite as applicable as it once was) she does and will always have a different view on my life and how I have lived it, and that is not a bad thing.

Having differing perspective on things is great, variety is the spice of life and that’s why God made us all different.


Again, I love my Mom and while her opinions are often ones that I agree with, it does not mean that we agree all the time, we are still different people.  Because her perspective varies from mine, I often look to her for her opinion on different matters, finances, fashion, makeup, automotive, etc.

Iron sharpens Iron and all that.

But just because her perspective is different from mine, giving her a different opinion on past events, does not necessarily mean that my personally feelings are any less valid.

You can think one thing and know it to be true in your head, but still your heart will feel differently.

No one said that feelings are logical.

Just because My mom has a differing view on one subject does not make my feelings suddenly evaporate.

Just because something is FACT does not make my feelings disappear.

I still value my Mom’s views,  and while she is right most of the time (it’s gotta be a Mom-thing, let me tell you) does not make my personal feelings any different.

She’s on the outside looking in and I’m on inside looking out.

My Mom, probably isn’t wrong on the issue that I brought up, spurring the creation of this post, but that does not and probably will not change my feelings on the matter (at least not for some time – but that’s what counselling is for).

Just because my feelings are different from the facts does not make the facts less valid either.

Just because your perspective causes you to view things differently does not mean that you are automatically right or automatically wrong.

The only time you become stupid where your perspective is concerned is when you refuse to change after having been given irrefutable proof that the opinion that you derived from your perspective is wrong.


People who don’t, won’t, and/or can’t change, are the people who aren’t going to have great times in life.

Again, why I am in counseling.

Next time you have a disagreement with someone, take a step back and think, ‘What is causing me to have this opinion?’   Simple logic that can save a life and yet so few of us actually remember it.



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