I told my little brother I hated him

First off – I just lied to you with the title of the post; I didn’t really tell my little brother that I hated him – I told him what I hate most about him, and he agreed with me.

What do I hate about my brother?

I hate that, somewhat like me, he can do better and knows he can, but doesn’t.

He can keep his room clean when it matters: bed made, floor vacuumed/swept, dusted, things hung-up and locked away, etc.

Like me he has spent three weeks sleeping on the floor to avoid getting wrinkles in his bed at camp.

The point being that, he agreed with me. My 15 year-old ‘I know it all’ little brother agreed with me.

Maybe we’re both just fundamentally screwed up, but the thing that has got to annoy me the most about what I hate about him has got to be the fact that he probably doesn’t know how good he has it.

My Little brother has opportunities that I never had and never will have; and I have had to sacrifice personally so that he could have some of those opportunities that he does not take advantage of.

I love my little brother, he is an awesome dude and he is going to make someone very lucky one day, but I don’t want him to belike me, or worse become me.



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