Makeup and Appearances

So recently I saw this post on Facebook:


And it kinda resonated with me.

OK, maybe more than kinda.

But what can I say?  You’re talking to the girl whose style motto is pretty close to this:


I am of the feeling that as long as I feel presentable, comfortable, and happy; I will wear whatever I so please.

That’s not to say that I have impeccable style.  I tend to fluctuate from dressed to the nines, to ‘haven’t left my cabin in the woods for a week’.

I know, real dedication.


Of course I do have standards (promise!) for instance, I’m not going to wear sweatpants to church, neither am I going to show up at a restaurant in the same clothes that I wear when I clean out the barn.

That’s not to say that I take the best of care with my appearance. Here are somethings that I either don’t do, or do sporadically:

  • Wash my face daily (To be honest, even though I’m a  teenager, I have fantastic skin, so it’s not going to cause me to have a major break-out)
  • Pluck my brows; whenever I see my grandma, she almost always comments on my ‘gorgeous eyebrows’, the thing is that I still need to do a little trimming to keep them looking ‘gorgeous’, so this is usually not done as often as I should.
  • Moisturize; this is more of a problem during the winter months because I have eczema + cracked and bloody hands? #notpretty
  • Brush my teeth; Similar to my skin I also have nice teeth.  You are talking to someone who has never had a cavity, braces, crown, etc.  the biggest thing ever to happen to my mouth was the removal of my wisdom teeth.  Also they’re pretty straight and whiten easily, so I tend to forget about doing them some days.

That’s my list of shame, there are other things, but I think you get the point.  I don’t always care about my appearance to the point of spending 30+ minutes on it everyday.

The thing is, as I get older I find myself spending more time on my appearance than when I was say, 13.

Why do I spend my precious time on my appearance then?  I mean, ya’ll read my previous post, I almost never come out from under my rock (My room), so why bother? My sibling certainly don’t care.

The reason is simple:

I do it for me.

I spend my valuable time flattening my hair, putting in contacts, and taking care of my body to make me feel good about myself. Why?  Because I’m worth it; and you are too, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

So the next time you get a little dressy and someone questions your motives, remember the reason:

Your Fine, Beautiful, Self.




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