10 Things I Learned From Joining the Workforce.

Everyone works, and part of working is not just the mandatory e-learning that comes with it, but also the practical tips and tricks that you are guaranteed to pick up along the way.

For me personally, due to life experiences, I already had a handle on some things, but having now spent over a year as a money-making, (and consequently spending) adult – I feel that it is high time to share with every one a list of the 10 main things that I learned in joining the workforce; in no particular order:

1. People appreciate it, and I mean really appreciate it and notice when you just sit down and do the work.
This may seem like it’s obvious, but I’m being serious. Especially when it’s not the most fun job, or it’s time-consuming, or just plain gross, people (particularly supervisors and managers, if they are good ones) notice.

2. The work isn’t going anywhere – so just get it done.
seriously, just get it done, do it right, and it’s no longer a problem, you can now go back to chatting with your work buddies.

3. Marijuana smells.
This is by far the stupidest thing on this list but it bears mention. I have helped more than a few people who were shall we say, really ‘happy’ but it wasn’t until I started working, that I actually found out what weed smells like – it is a pretty unique smell, but if asked the closest thing I would compare it to is the sweet scent of skunk.

4. Even if there seems like there’s nothing you can do – there’s always something you can do.
again, seems pretty straightforward – but scientists do say that the dirtiest part of your home is the toilet handle – it’s really the things that you don’t think about that get you in the end.

5. If you really, really think that there’s nothing that you can do – at least look like you’re doing something.
Everyone will be happier in the end, I promise.

6. Just because you try to be Miss Happy-All-The-Time/everybody’s BFF doesn’t mean that it’ll happen.
Some people (coworkers mostly) just aren’t going to want to give you an inch when it comes to anything. Just let sleeping dogs lie – and get over it, no one said that you have to be friends with everybody.

7. Sucking up to people and trying to cultivate good working relationships are two different things.
it can be hard to tell in the moment – but they are, just a word of caution.

8. Workplace gossip hurts more than just the victim – it hurts you too.
Being Switzerland 2.0 at work isn’t s hard as most would think – good working relationships, remember.

9. Time really is money.
Do the math – I get paid $.20 a minute, suddenly I feel a bit more motivated to clock in five minutes early, or to take that much of a shorter break.

10. I have the power to make someone’s day.
Something I try to make a point to do at least once in my shift if not at least once every 15-20 minutes is that if I like something, you can bet the farm I’ll probably compliment you on it. Guy, girl, child or otherwise – if I like your earrings/shoes/jacket/necklace/fandom t-shirt or makeup – I’ll comment. It’s always a great feeling to see people completely transform with a few kind words that they weren’t expecting and will probably remember for days (I still remember someone commenting on a jacket I wore 6 years ago – still own the jacket and it still makes me happy).

And that is it, 10 things I learned from joining the workforce. It’s not super comprehensive, but I’m sure that I’ve hit all of the big points. What things have you learned from joining the workforce? Comment below and let me know!


Perspective Matters

I love my Mom, I mean, how can I not? She’s beautiful, awesome, and of course; the reason I’m here at all.

Recently I have been going to Counseling, and a lot of introspection has occurred because of it.

My mom is probably the human being on this earth who knows me the best, and I love her very much.

But since she is my parent (even if it’s not quite as applicable as it once was) she does and will always have a different view on my life and how I have lived it, and that is not a bad thing.

Having differing perspective on things is great, variety is the spice of life and that’s why God made us all different.


Again, I love my Mom and while her opinions are often ones that I agree with, it does not mean that we agree all the time, we are still different people.  Because her perspective varies from mine, I often look to her for her opinion on different matters, finances, fashion, makeup, automotive, etc.

Iron sharpens Iron and all that.

But just because her perspective is different from mine, giving her a different opinion on past events, does not necessarily mean that my personally feelings are any less valid.

You can think one thing and know it to be true in your head, but still your heart will feel differently.

No one said that feelings are logical.

Just because My mom has a differing view on one subject does not make my feelings suddenly evaporate.

Just because something is FACT does not make my feelings disappear.

I still value my Mom’s views,  and while she is right most of the time (it’s gotta be a Mom-thing, let me tell you) does not make my personal feelings any different.

She’s on the outside looking in and I’m on inside looking out.

My Mom, probably isn’t wrong on the issue that I brought up, spurring the creation of this post, but that does not and probably will not change my feelings on the matter (at least not for some time – but that’s what counselling is for).

Just because my feelings are different from the facts does not make the facts less valid either.

Just because your perspective causes you to view things differently does not mean that you are automatically right or automatically wrong.

The only time you become stupid where your perspective is concerned is when you refuse to change after having been given irrefutable proof that the opinion that you derived from your perspective is wrong.


People who don’t, won’t, and/or can’t change, are the people who aren’t going to have great times in life.

Again, why I am in counseling.

Next time you have a disagreement with someone, take a step back and think, ‘What is causing me to have this opinion?’   Simple logic that can save a life and yet so few of us actually remember it.


I told my little brother I hated him

First off – I just lied to you with the title of the post; I didn’t really tell my little brother that I hated him – I told him what I hate most about him, and he agreed with me.

What do I hate about my brother?

I hate that, somewhat like me, he can do better and knows he can, but doesn’t.

He can keep his room clean when it matters: bed made, floor vacuumed/swept, dusted, things hung-up and locked away, etc.

Like me he has spent three weeks sleeping on the floor to avoid getting wrinkles in his bed at camp.

The point being that, he agreed with me. My 15 year-old ‘I know it all’ little brother agreed with me.

Maybe we’re both just fundamentally screwed up, but the thing that has got to annoy me the most about what I hate about him has got to be the fact that he probably doesn’t know how good he has it.

My Little brother has opportunities that I never had and never will have; and I have had to sacrifice personally so that he could have some of those opportunities that he does not take advantage of.

I love my little brother, he is an awesome dude and he is going to make someone very lucky one day, but I don’t want him to belike me, or worse become me.


Haitus – Revisited

So this blog has been mostly silent for a long time, a fact for which I am at fault.  So, I’m sorry.

A lot has happened since my last blog post and just recently I have felt a little bit of a calling to start blogging in earnest again.

Whether or not this becomes just another ‘perfumed diary’ type blog or actually makes an impact, time will only tell;  I just want to take everyone along the wild ride that is my life.

I am going to attempt to make a concerted effort to post frequently (more than once a month, not once every 3 years). so if you don’t see that – please call me on it.  I am nothing if not in constant denial over my procrastination problems.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Makeup and Appearances

So recently I saw this post on Facebook:


And it kinda resonated with me.

OK, maybe more than kinda.

But what can I say?  You’re talking to the girl whose style motto is pretty close to this:


I am of the feeling that as long as I feel presentable, comfortable, and happy; I will wear whatever I so please.

That’s not to say that I have impeccable style.  I tend to fluctuate from dressed to the nines, to ‘haven’t left my cabin in the woods for a week’.

I know, real dedication.


Of course I do have standards (promise!) for instance, I’m not going to wear sweatpants to church, neither am I going to show up at a restaurant in the same clothes that I wear when I clean out the barn.

That’s not to say that I take the best of care with my appearance. Here are somethings that I either don’t do, or do sporadically:

  • Wash my face daily (To be honest, even though I’m a  teenager, I have fantastic skin, so it’s not going to cause me to have a major break-out)
  • Pluck my brows; whenever I see my grandma, she almost always comments on my ‘gorgeous eyebrows’, the thing is that I still need to do a little trimming to keep them looking ‘gorgeous’, so this is usually not done as often as I should.
  • Moisturize; this is more of a problem during the winter months because I have eczema + cracked and bloody hands? #notpretty
  • Brush my teeth; Similar to my skin I also have nice teeth.  You are talking to someone who has never had a cavity, braces, crown, etc.  the biggest thing ever to happen to my mouth was the removal of my wisdom teeth.  Also they’re pretty straight and whiten easily, so I tend to forget about doing them some days.

That’s my list of shame, there are other things, but I think you get the point.  I don’t always care about my appearance to the point of spending 30+ minutes on it everyday.

The thing is, as I get older I find myself spending more time on my appearance than when I was say, 13.

Why do I spend my precious time on my appearance then?  I mean, ya’ll read my previous post, I almost never come out from under my rock (My room), so why bother? My sibling certainly don’t care.

The reason is simple:

I do it for me.

I spend my valuable time flattening my hair, putting in contacts, and taking care of my body to make me feel good about myself. Why?  Because I’m worth it; and you are too, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

So the next time you get a little dressy and someone questions your motives, remember the reason:

Your Fine, Beautiful, Self.



The Downside(s) of Loneliness

So if you’re like me, you probably have maybe, maybe one extracurricular activity ( where you don’t connect to anyone, at all).


You can count all of your friends on two hands or less.

Close friends are just a monumental joke.

You live out in the middle of nowhere, not quite the boonies but as good as.

All of my disadvantages aside, my point is that no matter where you are, or how many friends you have, or how much you ‘put yourself out there’; you are still capable of feeling loneliness.

There’s something in each of us as human beings that aches for meaningful connections with the people around us, be it your mailman or your significant other.

I’m not saying that we want these discussions all the time, or even on a weekly basis, but we should be able to talk to who we want about what we want without it feeling awkward or feeling ashamed.

With the rise of social media, it’s become easier to make ‘connections’ with anyone, anywhere, anytime; but the majority of these connections are spider webs compared to say, the connections you have with your family (titanium cords).

The main thing is this:

Will I get a deep, meaningful heart to heart with one of my ‘bestie’ anytime soon (Read, the next month)?

And the answer is:

No, I’m not.

Am I ok with that?

Not really.

Will I survive.


So tell me, when was the last time you had a heart to heart with anyone?